Things To Consider While Buying A Diamond For Your Significant Other

If you are thinking of the ideal way to get diamond rings for your significant other then the first thing you should eliminate is bringing them along. But here are some ways you can make a perfect surprise to bring out the diamond for them:

  • Purchase First: You should purchase the diamond first and then set it into a solitaire presentation if you are planning on proposing. Make it known to the person that they have the option of later choosing on a ring which suits their taste and style. The diamond you have picked up can be reset in a ring of the person’s choice. This will just ensure that you pick up the diamond without having to worry about the perfect ring. Later on, you can mutually decide on a budget and such. This will also make sure that your partner gets a choice in choosing a setting which they would actually like to wear.
  • Get Better Collections: To select the perfect diamond, you need a shop which comes with a wide selection. You can get the widest variety in online stores, but if you want the satisfaction of personally seeing and touching the diamond before you buy it then ensure you get it from a shop which offers that variety.
  • Customize The Ring: There are custom jewelers who would surely love to be able to design a ring which caters to your or your partner’s personal tastes. It would also allow your fiancée to create something original and which they like instead of actually settling in for something which a jewelry store has with it. This can be both a romantic and creative experience.
  • Purchase Separately: Buying the diamond separately will definitely save you some money. If you purchase the diamond from a diamond seller then you will have to pay anywhere from 20% to 40% less than what you would ideally pay at a traditional jewelry store. That savings on that can even pay for the setting later on.
  • Confirm the Warranty: Make sure that you know what the warranty covers exactly besides the standard inspections and cleanings. Make sure you ask if they cover for theft, loss, and damage of any sort. Also, remember that the warranty of a jeweler almost never works as a replacement of insurance. Along with this, many such contracts become void if another such jeweler alters, repairs or even cleans up the item under the agreement.
  • Know Your Obligations: Know that the purpose of some agreements is just to provide value but the ultimate purpose of those is to get your loyalty by essentially preventing other jewelers from working in it. So you should know all your obligations well under the agreement. Most of the time the inspections and cleanings are free and they are required to be to keep the warranty in place. But you should see what they require of you to maintain the warranty.

This diamond first approach ensures that there are more satisfied people who pay less than what they ideally thought they would have to.