Popular milkshake flavours that we all love

Milkshakes are the go-to drink. If a person loves milk and desserts, then he must love milkshakes. Here is a list of some of the popular recipes of milkshake or thick shakes that we love to have. 

Peanut butter flavour

This is a very popular and tasty flavour of milkshake that we can find at any of the common milkshake brands. The main ingredient used in this milkshake is the peanut butter, as the name suggests. If you talk about the variations related to this flavour, then sometimes bananas are added to create a completely unique flavour. This shake is nothing but the addition of one or two spoons of peanut butter to a chocolate or vanilla flavoured milkshake. Peanut butter can also be used as the base of this milkshake and then chocolate or vanilla essence is added to it.

Mint and chocolate flavour

This is again one of the most popular flavours and most of us like them. This is a classic blend of mint and chocolate. This shake is often known as Grasshopper shake or Thin mint milkshake. The base of this milkshake is basically a mint chocolate ice cream and above that, some chocolate syrup is added. Use of peppermint makes it even tastier. This unique flavour of this milkshake has made it one of the popular and favourite milkshakes of most people.

Double chocolate milkshake

Another milkshake that has got all the hype is the double chocolate milkshake. This milkshake is overloaded with chocolate and is the favourite recipe for people who love chocolate. As the name suggests, this is a milkshake overloaded with chocolate. The basic thing about this milkshake is that more chocolate is added to an already made chocolate shake. This could be made using regular chocolate or dark chocolate could be used in the making of it. Also, this is one of the most simple recipes of a milkshake. You can prepare the base of your own choice and then can add chocolate syrup to that and you are done. Yes! It is that simple. So, this recipe could be made at home and you can even go to your favourite place to have it.

Cookies and cream flavour

The main ingredient used in the making of this shake is cookies and Oreo is considered as the best cookie amongst all. So, most of the brands use it as the key ingredient. The basic idea behind the making of this shake is the mixing of the vanilla ice-cream with the chocolate syrup and cookies. This is so simple to make that you can prepare this at home any time you want. If you love Oreo or any other cookie, for that matter, then go for it and try making at home.

So, these are the popular recipes that every milkshake lover likes and can never say no to them.  The best part about these milkshake recipes is that could be made easily at the home also.