Steps To Take To Hire A Competent Architect

Before deciding to call on an architect, it’s important to understand his job. An architect is basically a consultant. His job is to design the buildings on paper. But if you are in need of one, then architects North Shore have the experience and skill to meet your needs. Remember that an architect does not construct that building. That part of the job is done by a contractor according to the designs of the architect. So you will have to hire an architect to get the designs of your building before you hire a contractor to build it. Here are some tips to help you hire a competent architect for your project:

Gauge the competence of the architect

An architect will always put forward his best and creative sketches. But your ultimate concern should be to ensure that your building is built to ensure stability, prevent leakages and such. So while choosing an architect to make sure you go for one who has at least a basic understanding of building construction, structural engineering, local building regulations, quality management and of building services like electrical, air conditioning, plumbing and such. Also, ensure that your architect has the proper licenses to operate legally. Don’t hire someone with dodgy credentials. Not every architect will have these skills so make sure to check his previous work.

Be clear with your wants

You should put a lot of thought into what you want. Try to go into details and specify as much as you can. Write out a clean and clear design brief for the architect. This will not only help you clarify your thoughts and make you focus on the littlest of details, but it will also help in communicating with the architect what you need. Make sure to include a list of the spaces you need in the design brief. Also make a brief note on the organization and functioning of the project, no matter the size of the project.

Getting the other consultants

Of course, an architect can’t design a building all by himself so you are also going to need a licensed structural engineer, a landscape designer, a building services engineer and more. An architect needs to have a rudimentary knowledge of all the above professions, but you won’t get an architect who is well versed in all of these. So it’s better to hire the professional and make sure that you have a great building at the end. Many times, the architect himself will hire these additional people and give you a full packaged service. But you can, of course, hire them all independently as well.

Proceeding to the Construction Stage

You will have to decide how it will be supervised from the beginning. This supervision needs to be done by experienced and knowledgeable people. For small projects, the architect himself can do it, but for larger ones hiring a project management consultant will be advisable. If you are hiring the architect to do the supervision, then ask him to include the charge for it in his scope of work.

An architect is a designer who should come with basic knowledge regarding buildings. Talk to people who have worked with him before and also make sure to check his credentials before hiring.