A comparative study between White and Black hat SEO technique

For improving the ranking in the search engine different SEO service provider utilizes different techniques in order to get optimum result. Black, grey and white hat techniques are very much popular nowadays. So let’s just discuss two of them and see which one is beneficial.

Black Hat SEO Technique: In the technique of Black Hat SEO in order to obtain a higher ranking in the search engine the rules of the search engines are broken. So the technique of black hat will mainly focus on the search engine, but not on the human audience. So if you are looking for a quick return on your website then you can opt for this technique rather than investing in the long term solution for your website.

The techniques which are a part of this Black Hat SEO link farming, keyword stuffing, hidden links, and text, spamming the blog content and many more. But if you opt for this technique, there is one risk and that is banning your website or the de-indexing of the website as the punishment of penalization for utilizing unethical techniques.

White Hat SEO Technique: The technique of white hat mainly focuses on the human audience rather than the search engine. The main feature of this technique includes using of proper keywords by analyzing and performing proper research, rewriting of the meta tags to make the entire thing more relevant, link building, backlinking as well as providing content for the human readers.

If you opt for the technique of white hat, then you will have to invest in a long term plan so that the result can prevail for a long time.

How the content quality the first in white hat technique and black hat technique?

As the former one basically looks forward to long term results so it creates content which will be beneficial and informative for the readers and hence it tries to maintain the quality of content. Because whenever a website is creating content of good quality then it is indicating to the fact that the entire site is appropriate and unique for displaying in the first few searches. One should also research the keywords having a long and short tail so that depending on the relevance you can put it on the content. Try to put a lot of keywords which will naturally synchronize well in the link, anchoring text, page titles, and headings.

One thing that you should not forget is to continuously add new and relevant content on a daily basis. If the content of a website is rich then it is normally going to give you a lot of traffic boosting and SEO is going to initiate the entire process. It is true that creating good quality content will take a lot of time but it will come as a fruitful event in the future.

From the comparative study, it is clear that opting for the white hat technique is always a better idea. For top-notch SEO services, you can opt for SEO NZ.