Best hair loss treatments you can opt

As there are different reasons for hair loss, there are different ways in which it could be treated. One should always know the cause first and they should go for the treatment accordingly. Following is the list of the best treatments available.


The first way in which you can get your hair fall treated is by taking the help of medication. There are certain causes that lead to hair fall and sometimes it’s just because of a mere disease. In such cases, taking proper medicines to do the job. Now, there are a lot of medications available for the treatment of hair loss, out of which two are very popular. The popularity of these two medications is due to the properties that they have. They are best for treating the hair loss both in men and women and it has been proven.

The first medication used to stop hair fall is called Finasteride. This is said to be one of the most effective medicines to be taken for stopping hair fall among men. The impressive results have been seen after the use of this medicine. The only problem with this medicine is that it has harsh side effects. The person using this medicine can have a problem in their sexual functionalities. Also, this medicine is not going to work for men above the age of 60 years.

Another medicine used for the treatment of hair fall is called Rogaine. This is a non-prescription medicine, for both men and women. You can feel the visible results after 6 months of the use of medicine. It is available in the form of foam or liquid and one just have to rub the foam between their hands and then apply it on the scalp. One can get the issue of unwanted hair growth and scalp irritation after the use of this medicine.

Hair transplantation

Before you go to a doctor for any type of hair treatment, you need to understand that what the exact reason behind the hair fall is. In the case of any other disease, the medication would be a good way to stop hair fall, but if the damage is just due to the damage in the top part of the head, then hair transplantation could be a good choice to go with. In this process, the dermatologist places the hair follicle in the bald area of your head. After that, he or she gives you certain medicine or lotion to apply on the scalp. This is no magic and it also needs some time to get rid of the hair fall completely.  Normally, hair transplantations are very expensive. The side effects of having hair transplantation treatment could be a bleeding scalp.

Laser therapy

Laser treatments are proved to be one of the best hair loss solutions. They work very effectively, but due to higher costs, not many people go for this treatment.

A little care can give stop your problem of hair loss and can give you wonderful hair. You just need to do the right treatment at the right time.