Tips To Follow When Buying Furniture

When it’s time to move into a new house or maybe to get something new to spice up the old apartment, many people do opt for buying new furniture. There are many furniture stores in Auckland and nearby areas where the furniture stock is inviting. But no matter the store, one is always searching for quality along with a reasonable price. So here are some tips you should keep in mind while buying furniture:

Do some research on your wood types

While it may all seem the same, but wooden furniture falls into three distinct categories. This includes veneers, solid wood, and composite wood. Solid wood is generally more expensive but looks great. It can, however, be more susceptible to water rings and scratches. Veneers on another hand are made up of an inexpensive wood base which is covered up by multiple things layers of good quality wood. Composite board is made up of a combination of resin, wood pulp, plastics, and other furniture scraps. As one can imagine, these are the cheapest and can even be decent looking. But you shouldn’t expect them to last long.

Check the cabinets and drawers

When in the furniture store, make sure to open up the cabinets and drawers and check if it pulls all the way out. Along with this, make sure if it latches properly and then shuts properly and evenly as well. Check to ensure that the door open and remain open instead of snapping close. If they do then you should rethink buying that because it might be difficult for you to get things out.

Give a pass to glue and nails

Always look for furniture which has wood joined right at the corners and ends. Don’t go for the nailed in or glued ones. It is commonly known that wood joined pieces are sturdier and can sustain more weight.

Give your lifestyle a thought

When thinking about what fabrics and colors to choose, always let your lifestyle, make the choice. If you have a pet who climbs on furniture then choosing a white couch wouldn’t mesh well with that. Instead, opt for a sturdy, dark colored and stain resistant fabric in that regard.

Check the legs

The legs of your furniture should be joined to the frame and not nailed. It should also be made of wood and not heavy. There are rubber, metal and plastic legs, but they won’t be very nice to look at and they also won’t be able to hold much weight. Here’s a tip when it comes to sofas- if you are splurging on one, make sure that there’s a fifth leg as well. This will provide extra support and you surely won’t get them on cheaper sofas.

Check on the springs

If you are found of firm sofas then look for the ones which come with the traditionally could springs. For a softer one, go with the zigzag could. Before you finalize your buy, always take off the cushions and then press down right on the base of that sofa. Ideally, the coils should push down, but then they should immediately spring back into the right place.

Furniture buying depends on your taste and style,d but these tips will ensure that you don’t get duped into getting cheap furniture.

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